The Story of The UpLift Kit

Chapter One

There once was a girl (a woman aged 38 who still thinks of herself as a girl) who was diagnosed with cancer in February 2020. She was told she would have to start Chemotherapy as soon as possible and cocoon from all family and friends.

She went through 5 months of intensive Chemotherapy followed by surgery, followed by three weeks of daily Radiotherapy, followed by more surgery, and she received infusions every three weeks throughout until March 2021. And she did all of this throughout the Covid-19 pandemic in Ireland. 

Chapter Two

A few weeks after her Radiotherapy finished and after several different types of counselling and therapy, she began to start feeling like 'herself' again, but a new self.

Her new self didn't look at the world the same way and didn't know how she fit in to it anymore. Her old life was gone and she knew she had to find a new way of being in the world again.

She found that she now understood the meaning of life and her purpose.

Chapter Three

She understood that the real, purest, purpose and meaning of life is just to live it! To be present to life in every moment, to appreciate every moment.

She believes there is purpose to life in trying to serve other people and that the meaning of life can be derived from that purpose.  

Her purpose would be to try and help others to navigate a journey that she had travelled herself.

And so, she founded:

The UpLift Kit.


Photo by Waranont (Joe) on Unsplash 

Chapter Four

The UpLift Kit has been founded to try to help people on both sides of the difficulty fence; cancer and chemo patients and their supporters. 

Its truest intention is to connect and uplift people through practical supports, so that everyone knows that you are not alone and there are options available to make the journey that little bit easier to navigate.

The girl will "believe it til she achieves it" (Chris Do).

This story doesn’t end here…




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  • This is an absolutely brilliant idea! Good luck with it.

    Simon Robinson

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