Introducing The UpLift Kit

My name is Zita, and I am the ‘girl’ in the story of The UpLift Kit…
But enough about me, this website is for you! Just as illness can affect anybody regardless of gender or age; this website is for all demographics.
Thank you for being here!
Thank you for taking the time to visit the website and read the blog.

Truest Intention

The truest intention for this site is to help people on both sides of what I like to call the difficulty fence; those who are struggling and those who want to help. It is my goal;
  • To bridge the isolation gap and connect you across this fence
  • To connect and uplift you through practical supports,
  • To demonstrate that there are alternative support options available to you
  • To help you all know, you are not alone

For You

If you have been diagnosed with Cancer and are going through Chemotherapy, then this website is for you. If you are a supporter of someone going through Cancer or Chemotherapy, this website is also for you.

This website hosts a blog written by me, for you. The blog provides information and tips, for chemo patients and their supporters to reference as you navigate a cancer diagnosis and treatment journey.

When I was diagnosed and going through chemo, I struggled to find a practical, supportive and realistic blog to match my own experiences. I knew that as soon as I had completed my treatment and my energy returned, I was going to put an alternative blog out there for others like me. Somewhere to go to find honest, practical advice and support.

There is light at the end of the tunnel, but right now, you’re in the tunnel. And I understand that feeling.


Irish Online Community and Business

I am hoping that we can build an online community here, where we can all share our experiences of Cancer and chemo in Ireland and exchange information and support. So please comment on the blog posts and share your ideas and personal experiences.

Connect and collaborate with me on the blog, the website, and social media. We’re all in this together and #connectioniskey. Through our collective efforts we can support each other to navigate a difficult journey.

The UpLift Kit is a small Irish business. This is a one-woman operation with limited means but big plans. It must start small and slow. But slow and steady wins the race, right?!

This website will offer a practical gifting service that will contribute to supporting cancer and chemo patients in Ireland. It can be so hard to know what to gift a chemo patient and while sending cards and flowers are great, it is my goal here to provide the additional option of gifting practical, tailored, thoughtful products which can really make a difference to a chemo patient’s every-day experience.

I am a former chemo patient, who knows the practical products required when going through treatment and who understands the experience of treatment first-hand. All the products available will be carefully and considerately chosen by me, for you.

Let’s Build a Community

This will hopefully grow organically but no doubt slowly.
Please get in touch with all, comments, feedback, and suggestions!
Share your own experiences so that we can all learn and collaborate on how to support each other.
Maybe we can build a community here…


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